Wojciech Antoni


Forging my own experimental visual language I combine aspects of sculpture and painting in a highly individual and personal compositions. The interplay of colour, form and structural arrangement constitutes my language and a conduit of resonance with a viewer. I am not speaking but ‘listening through my eyes’.

2022 Wojciech Sobczynski


Wojciech Antoni Sobczyński studied sculpture at the Fine Art Academy in Krakow under Professor Jacek Puget in 1968, receiving his MA with distinction. Awarded a Barbara Robertson’s scholarship, Wojciech travelled to London to continue study at the Slade School of Art, University College London under Professor Reg Butler.

He is a sculptor who combines the three dimensional with painting in a distinctive individual style. The artist continuously drives examination of materials, which he transforms, altering their original purpose. His artworks venture into novel solutions in terms of form and texture but the final effect remains disciplined and retains the echo of a classical canon.

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